Underground Storage Tank Management

An Underground Storage Tank (UST) is a tank that:

  • Is 10% or more beneath the surface of the ground
  • Contains a regulated substance such as petroleum

The Environmental Compliance Program at Emory, in partnership with Facilities Management, ensures UST compliance with State and Federal Regulations.



Step 1: Facilities Management personnel who work with USTs must complete this form monthly.
UST Monthly Inspection Checklist

Step 2: Upon completion of the "UST Monthly Inspection Checklist", follow link to complete the corrective action plan. Corrective Action Plan Form

Additional Inspection Forms

UST A & B Operator Training

A & B Operators must be certified before August 8, 2012 by passing the Georgia UST Operator Examination. A Operators have primary responsibility to operate and maintain the UST system in compliance with regulatory requirements. B Operators implement regulatory requirements in the field and are generally in charge of day-to-day operations. Operators must be recertified every 7 years.

Emory personnel who have been designated as A or B Operators should use the following study materials at a minimum to prepare for the exam:

A & B Operators must take the ICC GA UST Operator Exam through PearsonVue to become certified. Please visit this link for registration information: http://www.iccsafe.org/Accreditation/Bulletins/UST-AST_EIB.pdf

UST C Operator Training

C Operators have primary responsibility for initial response to emergencies (alarms, spills, releases, etc.) at the UST site. C Operators must be certified before August 8, 2012 by attending EHSO's Underground Storage Tank Compliance Training for Class C Operators. C Operators will be expected to attend this training annually.

UST Program Contacts

Damian Mason (damian.mason@emory.edu or (404) 727-7091)