Radiation Badges

To receive radiation badges at Emory, personnel must complete the following items:

  1. Complete the appropriate badge request form linked below.
  2. Receive documented training in the proper use of a badge and basic radiation protection principles.

Step 1. Complete the Appropriate Badge Request Form.

Forms needed for badge requests:

  • Healthcare workers must complete the REDCap Personnel History Monitoring Form/Radiation History Monitoring Form linked below.
  • Laboratory workers must complete the Training and Personnel Monitoring Determination Form linked below.

Step 2. Receive Documented Training.

EHSO is responsible for ensuring that radiation safety training is provided to all Emory University employees who work with radiation. You must complete training prior to beginning work with radioactive materials or equipment that produces radiation. Instructions are provided to those Emory University employees who work in close proximity to radioactive materials or equipment that produces radiation. Required training is dependent on the job functions performed and falls into three categories:

  1. Laboratories
  2. Machine-Produced Radiation
  3. Healthcare

Training courses and instructions for accessing them are listed on the Training Courses & Codes page linked below. You can also contact your Radiation Safety Building Liaison linked below for further assistance.

Once you've completed the forms and received the training, a badge will be issued to you. All workers issued radiation badges are required to follow those rules and responsibilities stated in the Radiation Safety Manual and to cooperate with Radiation Safety in their efforts to maintain exposures ALARA.

Please reference the documents below for more information about the Badge Deactivation and Transfer Form, the Occupational Exposure and Personnel Monitoring ProgramProcedure for Access to Individual Dose Report, and Emory University's Dosimetry Policy.