Pregnancy and Radiation Safety

Employees in the Emory community who work with radiation have the option of notifying and are encouraged to notify the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) of suspected or confirmed pregnancies as soon as possible, so that the RSO can work with the employee and her supervisor to monitor the radiation exposure levels during the pregnancy and take measures, as appropriate, to maintain exposures as low as reasonably achievable and within regulatory limits.

All radiation workers will be informed of applicable state and federal regulations regarding occupational exposure to the fetus from ionizing radiation during their initial radiation safety training. As soon as a radiation worker determines that she is pregnant, she should (unless privacy is desired) advise her supervisor and declare her pregnancy in writing to her supervisor using the Form Letter for Declaring Pregnancy (linked below). The employer or her supervisor must also contact Radiation Safety to complete the declaration. A professional from Radiation Safety will review the past radiation exposure history of the declared pregnant radiation worker and her job function and determine if radiation restrictions should be applied. If so, these restrictions will be discussed with the individual and her supervisor and will be provided to both in writing. A copy of the document "Guide for Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure" will be given to the declared pregnant radiation worker as required by the State, NRC and OSHA. The employee and the Radiation Safety professional will complete the Emory Radiation Safety Consultation form (linked below) documenting that this information has been given. A radiation worker may, without declaring pregnancy, consult with Radiation Safety concerning issues relating to exposure of an embryo/fetus to radiation in the course of the employee’s job.

Radiation Safety will issue a monthly fetal badge for the declared pregnant radiation worker to wear at the waist in addition to her regular badge(s).