Environmental Compliance

The Environmental Compliance Program (ECP) provides support and services to Emory with a focus on protecting human health and environmental resources. This program evaluates and manages the environmental outcomes of Emory operations with the goal of minimizing environmental impact and promoting overall environmental stewardship. This goal is accomplished through implementation of Federal and State regulatory requirements that are designed to protect our environment.

Responsibilities of this program include evaluation of regulatory requirements, implementation of programs based on these requirements, and assessments of programs to assure compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

Primary Services

ECP interacts with essentially every operational facet of Emory. Our primary charge is regulatory evaluation, implementation, and compliance assurance. Collaboration with other divisions at Emory is essential to protecting resources and improving operational effectiveness. Organizational interactions that further the goal of environmental stewardship include support with Office of Sustainability Initiatives, Project Management and Construction, the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response and other critical stakeholders.