At Emory University, we pride ourselves in developing and implementing sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint, promote healthy living, and ensure reuse and recycling practices as often as possible. EHSO promotes and collaborates with the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, the Green Labs program and other organizations throughout campus to make Emory’s facilities as environmentally sound as possible without compromising any safety aspects. EHSO and Sustainability strive to promote Environmental Stewardship.

EHSO promotes sustainability by:

  • recommending recycling of all materials and reduction of landfill waste during our audits,
  • working with Green Labs to encourage green practices (microscale experiments, turning off lights, recycling appropriate materials, etc.) within Emory’s laboratories,
  • picking up all waste that could be hazardous and choosing appropriate means of disposal that promote recycling materials when possible (this includes our battery recycling program),
  • ensuring all safety controls are in place to prevent any release into the environment.