Receiving and Opening RAM Packages

02210315 by Dean Calma, IAEA Imagebank (CC BY-SA)

Procedure for Receiving Packages

All personnel involved with the receipt of radioactive material shipments must be instructed in the proper procedures and precautions. Unpacking of Radioactive Materials must be done in accordance with established policy and procedures. See Procedure for Receiving and Opening Packages (linked below).

  • Appropriate information for packages processed by EHSO will be entered in the EHS Assistant database.
  • When material is delivered to a clinical department by Radiation Safety, a member of the department must be present to sign for it. If no one is present, the package is returned to Radiation Safety. An attempt will be made to deliver the package later in the day, or a voice-mail message will be left for the Radiation Permit Holder or clinical personnel.
  • Labels (e.g., white I, yellow II) on shipping boxes used for receiving radioactive materials must be defaced prior to disposal through housekeeping.

Ordering Radioactive Material for Clinical Departments

  • Routine orders for radiopharmaceuticals are placed by the Nuclear Medicine Technologist or Medical Physicist. Nuclear pharmacy personnel will deliver the radiopharmaceutical directly to the nuclear medicine hot lab which they are able to access and secure.
  • When ordering radioactive materials for therapeutic uses, the person ordering the material will reference the Authorized User’s written request when placing the order. The Authorized User’s request will indicate the isotope, compound or physical form and activity level.