Radiation Shielding

Shielding for X-Ray Machines

  • With the exception of dental, bone density devices and mammographic machines, appropriate shielding must be provided for all X-Ray machines designated to be used within a specific location. The shielding must be adequate to reduce the exposure of those outside of the X-Ray room to within legally designated levels.
  • The structural shielding requirements of any new installation, or an existing one in which changes are contemplated, must be approved by Radiation Safety or a qualified expert and the Georgia Department of Community Health well in advance of the construction or modification.
  • A radiation shielding integrity survey will be performed on all new or modified x-ray rooms by Radiation Safety personnel or a qualified expert.

For more information about Cabinet X-Ray Safety GuidelinesNon-Medical Fluoroscopes General Safety Guidelines, and Non-Medical X-Ray Units General Safety Guidelines, please consult the documents linked below. For questions about radiation shielding, please contact Radiation Safety.