Regulatory Requirements for Radiation-Producing Equipment

The Georgia Department of Human Resources requires all facilities with radiation-producing equipment to be registered with the State of Georgia. Emory EHSO can assist you with this process. Radiation-producing machines may NOT be used on human patients or research subjects prior to registration and equipment testing. Please contact Radiation Safety at 404-727-5922 for additional details.

There is a $300 registration fee for new facilities. EHSO can assist with the payment coupon that must be included with payment.

Rooms housing radiation-producing equipment may require some or all of the following:

  • Shielding Plan - Specifies required shielding in each wall to provide sufficient protection to staff and visitors.
  • Integrity Survey - Verifies that shielding thickness is sufficient and there are no gaps.
  • Initial Survey - Initial inspection of the equipment by a medical physicist to verify safe operation.
  • Room Scatter Survey - Verifies shielding configuration with the equipment in place.

EHSO will schedule these plans and surveys to help ensure that all regulatory requirements are met before the equipment is ready for use. EHSO will also complete the registration with the State of Georgia.

For detailed information about the process, please see the Regulatory Requirements for Radiation-Producing Equipment.