Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Program serves a dual role within the University. First, to help minimize occupationally related exposures to radiation, and second, to ensure that all radioactive materials used are in compliance with the rules and regulations of Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and that machine-produced radiation use is consistent with regulations of the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHR) and FDA.

For more information about the Radiation Safety Program, please review the Emory University Radiation Safety Manual listed below.


  • Radioactive Materials Licensing and Authorizations
  • Renewals and Research Protocol Support
  • Radiation Dosimetry Badging
  • Healthcare Radiation Safety Support
  • Medical Physics Support for Radiation Producing Equipment
  • Radiation Shielding Plans
  • CT Quality Control
  • Irradiator Access

Program Dashboard

Application for Use of Radiation

Application for use of radiation

EHS Assist

Electronic management system for radioactive material (RAM)

EHSO has upgraded the EHS-Assist radiation safety database. Logon using your Emory NETID and password. 

If you need assistance, please contact us at chemwaste@emory.edu