Using EHS Assistant

Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHS Assistant) is the system utilized by the Environmental Health and Safety Office to manage the use of radioactive materials. The radioactive material program consists of modules to manage the principal investigator’s use, inventory and disposals, waste pickups, training, reports, and permit limit information. 


The method EHS Assistant uses to track radioactive material (RAM) involves maintaining an inventory of the RAM-containing vials that the labs receive. As a volume is extracted from the vial, it is recorded and EHS Assistant converts that volume to an activity. At the same time, it is also assigned to the waste container(s) where it will eventually be stored. When waste containers are ready to be removed from the lab, their radioactivity amounts are already calculated.

For more information about using EHS Assistant, please review the Documents linked below. To visit EHS Assistant, view the link listed under Resources.