Radioactive Waste

How Do I Collect Radioactive Waste Safely?

Waste containers are provided by EHSO for use in the laboratory:

  • 20 gallon stapacks for dry waste,
  • 5 gallon plastic buckets for liquid scintillation vials or dry waste, and
  • 1 gallon plastic bottles for liquids.
  • Alternate containers for radioactive waste must be approved in advance by EHSO.

Label containers with:

  • the isotope(s) to be placed in the container,
  • the Radiation Permit Holder’s name, and
  • container number (from EHSAssistant) prior to putting the container into use;

Remove or deface any radioactive markings from primary containers before placing material in waste container.

When sealed for transfer to EHSO, add to the label:

  • the amount of activity as calculated by EHSAssistant,
  • radiation exposure rate (in mR/hr) at surface of the container,
  • exposure rate (in mR/hr) at 1 meter from container,
  • name of surveyor, and
  • date of survey

Lead shielding must be disposed of with EHSO separate from all other waste and must never be placed in a radioactive waste container.