Radiation Training

Training for laboratory workers will include the following topics:

  • Basic information about radiation and where it can be found at Emory
  • Radiation protection principles, including time, distance shielding and contamination control and prevention
  • Safety requirements for working with or around radiation, including PPE and radiation badges
  • Applicable regulations, license conditions, information notices, bulletins, etc.

How Do I Get Training?

Training courses and instructions for accessing them are listed on the training page of the EHSO website (see link below). You also can contact the Radiation Safety Building Liaison for your facility (see link below).

  • You must complete initial training which is covered in the Radiation Safety for Laboratory Research Personnel Course, which is offered as two modules:
    • Module 1 is completed online as a prerequisite to Module 2.
    • Module 2 is completed in a classroom setting and consists of a practicum that is offered monthly. The course is presented by the research radiation safety liaisons who work closely with the research labs.
  • If you must use radioisotopes before attending the monthly laboratory safety course, you must take the initial, online course – Module 1 and request a personal training session for Module 2 (call 404-727-5922), prior to using the radioisotopes.
  • For Non-Human uses in vivo, PET imaging research, etc. special courses may be available. See the training courses index (linked below).

Retraining Frequency

Retraining for laboratory workers using radioactive material is required at least every 3 years and is accomplished using one of several mechanisms:

  • You can repeat the Initial Training.
  • You will take the online Radiation Safety for Lab Workers Refresher Course, or
  • You can request an in-service presentation for a laboratory or division:
    • the same general material is presented but is streamlined to fit the needs of the group;
    • more hands-on practice time with survey meters and calculating efficiencies of liquid scintillation counters and dpm can be addressed in greater detail; and
    • other specific problems or incidents can be discussed in greater depth.
  • Significant or repeated inspection deficiencies may indicate the need for early retraining as part of corrective actions.

For a list of courses, visit the EHSO Training Courses & Codes page linked below and click on the "RAD Safety - Laboratories" tab.

For more information, check the Radiation Safety Manual and/or contact your Radiation Safety Building Liaison linked below for further assistance.