Radiation Control Council (RCC)

Committee Overview

The Radiation Control Council serves as the general policy-making and internal regulating body for activities at Emory University that involve the use of radiation and radioactive material. The Radiation Control Council delegates authority to Radiation Safety for enforcement of Radiation Safety policies and procedures. The Radiation Control Council meets periodically throughout the year and reviews and discusses matters relating to the use of radiation at Emory. Specific information about the membership and meetings of the Radiation Control Council can be found in the Radiation Safety Committees document linked below.

The duties and responsibilities of the Radiation Control Council include, but are not limited to:

  • Review the program for maintaining exposures doses ALARA and providing any additional recommendations needed to ensure that exposures are ALARA.
  • Review and discuss personnel dosimetry data at each Council meeting for personnel exposures exceeding ALARA Level 1 and ALARA Level 2.
  • Review reports of new users and new uses of radioactive materials which have been reviewed and approved by the Radiation Safety Committees.
  • Review and discuss any significant incidents including spills, contamination, and misadministrations with respect to cause and subsequent action taken.
  • Review and approve or disapprove policy and procedural changes prior to implementation. With assistance of Radiation Safety Officer, the Council will audit approved changes to determine implementation and compliance, take appropriate action when noncompliance is identified, and analyze cause and corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Documentation of changes will be maintained stating the reason for the change and summarizing the radiation safety matters that were considered prior to approval of the change.
  • Review, discuss, and approve or disapprove the results of the annual report of the Radiation Safety Program.
  • Due to the scope of the radiation protection program at Emory, four subcommittees operate under the control of the Radiation Control Council to review and give initial approval to users and uses of radioactive material, depending on the type of use: