Biosafety Cabinets

This is a 15-min instructional video from Esco Biotech aimed to show standard operating procedures for working in Class II Biosafety Cabinets from start to shut down. EHSO encourages you to become familiar with the type of BSC in your laboratory by reviewing product specifications and recommended practices. See the accompanying poster linked below for a summary of best practices.

For more information about the BSC certification process, please visit the page from Emory University's Finance Division linked below.

Esco represents innovation and forward-thinking designs, which are all coupled with the highest standard quality since 1978. The Esco Group of Companies is a global life sciences tools provider with sales in over 100 countries. The group is active in laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Some of which are Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Hoods, CO2 Incubators, Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, Fume Hoods, IVF Incubators, Cleanrooms and Downflow Booths.