The Environmental Compliance Program operates the chemical, radioactive and universal waste (i.e. lamps and batteries) disposal program for Emory University, Emory College, Oxford College, Emory University Hospital and the Emory Clinic (Clifton campus). Regulated waste is routinely generated as a result of clinical, research, teaching and maintenance operations and is highly regulated by several government agencies. Our office provides guidance on the proper management and disposal of these regulated wastes as well as receives unused chemicals as part of a surplus chemical redistribution program.

How to Request a Regulated Waste Collection

Two ways:

  1. NEW: Beta test our new regulated waste collection system. Submit your waste collection request online by clicking the "Waste Collection" button below:Waste Collection Button

  2. Continue to follow the old system on our Regulated Waste Collection Schedule.

Chemical Waste Disposal

Guidance Documents

Radioisotope Waste