Training Overview

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Training moving from ELMS to BioRAFT

Research Lab Safety, BBP, Biosafety, General Laser Safety, and Lab Safety Awareness training modules have moved to BioRAFT

EHSO - Research Lab safety - ANNUAL
EHSO - BBP for Researchers - ANNUAL
EHSO - General Laser Safety
EHSO - Lab Safety Awareness

  • Log into BioRAFT: using your Emory ID and password.
    • Your sponsor/PI will need to add your name to his/her Members tab in BioRAFT.
    • If you are due to update any of the training modules mentioned above, follow the prompts to update your training.
  • If you work at Yerkes: Continue to use ELMS to complete the Yerkes Lab Safety and BBP training. You will receive credit for the EHSO Research Lab Safety and EHSO BBP training in BioRAFT. You will need to complete Biosafety (if due for the 3-year update) in BioRAFT.
  • If you have received instructions for a temporary account in BioRAFT, follow instructions provided in the introductory email. Use the option “(Click here for other access methods)” – small text on left side of screen.
  • If you have completed your training in ELMS and your training is current, you do not need to complete them again in BioRAFT this year.
  • For Department administrators or Compliance Liaisons: if you would like to see the training status for personnel in your group and/or department. Please send request to
Send any questions to

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