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Thermo Scientific Nalgene and Nunc Cryopreservation Guide


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National Toxicology Report (NTP) on Carcinogens

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Cryopreservation Manual


Glove Guides

The following are links to various companies supplying gloves that may be in use at Emory University. Chemical compatibility charts for the gloves supplied by the specific company are available on their website. Please use these compatibility charts to ensure the gloves being used to handle a specific chemical are providing proper protection to the wearer. It is important to note that all chemicals will not be listed on these charts. It is also essential to note that two similar gloves supplied by two separate manufacturers may not provide the same level of protection to a specific chemical. Therefore, it will be necessary to consult the manufacturer's specific compatibility chart for the brand of gloves being used. If you have any questions or need to obtain additional information, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (404) 727-5922.

Compatibility charts rating systems will vary by the manufacturer's design of their chart. Many use a color code, where red = bad, yellow = not recommended, green = good, or some variation to this scheme. A letter code may be used, such as E = excellent, G = Good, P = poor, NR = Not Recommended. Any combination of these schemes may be used, so please understand the chart before making a decision on the glove to be used.