Toolbox Training

Toolbox Training

Toolbox trainings are developed by the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) to spark safety discussions between supervisors and their employees.

What is a Toolbox Training?

An informal discussion among employees that focuses on a particular safety issue.

Who conducts Toolbox Trainings?

Anyone can.

How long and how often should these be?

EHSO recommends a 15-20 minute discussion on a monthly basis.

When should these take place?

The meetings should be held at the beginning of a shift, after lunch, or incorporated into another meeting (i.e., monthly safety meetings).

Do you have to use EHSO-created Toolbox Trainings?

No. The EHSO topics are for assistance. Feel free to conduct a discussion on any safety-related issue that may be present in your work environment. Contact EHSO if you would like a toolbox created that addresses a specific issue in your work area.

The sidebar lists toolbox talks that have been developed by EHSO.

Please check back monthly to look for new toolbox talks that have been added. All toolbox talks are in PDF format.