Biological Waste

Biological waste is any material that contains or has been contaminated by a biohazardous agent. This includes any human-derived specimens or substances known, assumed, or suspected of being infectious or hazardous to humans, plants, animals, or the environment.

Biohazard waste is picked up, treated, and disposed of by Emory’s biological waste contract supplier, Stericycle. Stericycle provides biohazard fiberboard boxes with red liners for disposal. 


Proper vs. Improper Labeling

Note: Stericycle boxes with an improper/missing label will not be picked up by the vendor.

To create a new account with Stericycle or make changes to your existing account, complete and submit a Stericycle Form in Emory Express. Upon logging into Emory Express, this form is located under "Forms" or "Laboratory & Research (Biological Waste Disposal)."

Biological Waste disposal can only be charged to a non-grant SmartKey/Speedtype. 

For questions and/or concerns regarding account charges, contact your Stericycle Representatives:

For queries concerning biological waste procedures at Emory, email the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) Research Safety Director and Biosafety Officer, Kalpana Rengarajan:

Waste receipts/manifests must be maintained for 3 years before discarding.

Biohazard Aspiration Setup