Hepatitis B Documentation

Hepatitis B documentation – if working with human source materials, including human cell lines

In SciShield, identify individuals working with human source materials (including human cell lines) by checking the box "Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens or Human Source Materials" under the 'Biological' tab of Job Activities. If the individual is not working with human source material, they will be identified as conducting “No BBP Work” on biological project approval letter(s).

The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires that employers offer all employees who have potential exposure to human blood, blood products, or other potentially infectious materials, hepatitis B virus (Hep B) vaccination. If an employee chooses not to obtain vaccination, a declination form must be completed. 

The required Hep B vaccination documentation includes 1) records of receiving a complete Hep B vaccine series and 2) record of a Hep B antibody titer test. If the individual has already completed the vaccine series and/or received an antibody titer test from an outside source, they may provide documentation from that source. Records of previously obtained vaccine or antibody titer should be sent to biosafe@emory.edu. Please ensure submitted records include the individual’s name and that the document is in English or includes an English translation.     

If the individual is an EMPLOYEE and needs to complete the vaccination series and/or antibody titer test, they should make an appointment with Emory Employee Health following the steps below: 

  • Go to Emory PeopleSoft (https://hrprod.emory.edu) 
  • Click Self-Service Log In > Workplace Health > Log into Emory H.O.M.E. Portal 
  • Click Vaccine Consents/Questionnaires  
  • Scroll to HEP B VACCINE 
  • Click on HEP B VACCINE INFO and read the information sheet. 
  • Click HEP B CONSENT and complete this form if you agree to receive the Hepatitis B virus vaccination series and/or antibody titer.
  • Return to the homepage of the portal. 
    • Click Self Scheduling / Appointments > “Immunization Administration – Non COVID” (in Comments add "Hep B vaccination")
    • Click Self Scheduling / Appointments > “EH Blood Draw” (in Comments add "Hep B antibody titer test")

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Employee Health at home@emoryhealthcare.org

If the individual is an UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT, they will need to go to Emory Student Health Services (tel. 404-727-7551) to get the vaccination series and/or antibody titer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The EHSO Immunization Review Form has been removed from our website and is no longer an acceptable form of documentation.